Saturday, 20 February 2016

Celebrando el día mundial de la lectura en voz alta


Listening to stories is the door that opens a thousand of possibilities in children's imagination.

I've followed the for a while since their mission (To empower young people to author lives of independence, hope, and joy) resonates with me inmensely. This NGO has been promoting reading aloud with this huge campaign: The World Read Aloud Day. I’ve decided to join this celebration because I think reading aloud stories to children is a very appealing and amusing way of showing our imagination and our words can give us countless possibilities to appreciate experience “reality”. When these stories come to life thanks to a reader who embodies a character’s feelings and voice, imagination blows and the eyes of the listeners spark with curiosity and awe. I have seen it and that is why I want to start reading aloud stories in English this February 24th, 2016 at All stories will be read in English and will bring classics of English literature for children. Why in English and not Spanish? Well, a foreign language can bring totally different perspectives towards many things we all live. Reading aloud in a foreign language fosters tolerance and gives us an excuse to talk about possibilities we hadn’t considered before.

I feel this is how I can contribute to the endeavor of a Colombia full of children who “author lives of independence, hope, and joy". I’m echoing Litworld’s mission because I feel my country needs to embrace it in order to overcome the sociopolitical moment we are living now and devoting an hour per month reading aloud is my very tiny contribution to this intention. I would like to thank La Casa del arbol in Bogotá for giving me the chance to read aloud there once a month starting this Wednesday February 24th, 2016.

So this is the monthly schedule of my Reading Aloud Sessions:

Date: Every second saturday of the month
           Carrera 17 No. 39 - 42 Barrrio La Magdalena (Teusaquillo) Bogotá
Time: 4: 30 pm - 5: 30 pm