Sunday, 27 July 2014

Crowdfunding + enthusiastic teenagers + good ideas

Two weeks ago, I was invited to listen to lots of presentations that Eleventh Graders from Juan Luis Londoño School in Mosquera Cundinamarca made for their graduation project. These youngsters are required to design a doable project that may become a source of income if they could actually carry it out. At the age of 16, 17 or 18, they are thinking of their first entrepreneurial initiatives and I got glad they have been asked to do so. While listening to their presentations, my mind started wandering around this questions: what would happen if they had the money to actually execute these projects?...What would happen to these kids if they found a Midas who said "I will fund your project: make it work". What would happen to their lives? 

To my eyes, these kids definitely need to get in touch with trending concepts for an entrepreneur like crowd funding. After listening to them, my mind immediately started to make a list of helpful websites. The first one that came to my mind was I got to know them in a co working space I love in Bogota. Via this place, I got to know about a nice mobility project called Creatorio.  They design beautiful bicycles and I attended a lecture they did about how they were funding part of their project with a campaign hosted by There  is also that is now a classic. When checking my twitter today, I found this article about crowd funding for public schools. Although it may not be active in  Colombia, learning about how projects can get funding is worth the effort. And Asociación de Egresados de la Universidad de los Andes knows about this. They have organized events that gather diverse successful experiences in many other fields like this one: 

No matter if we could not attend, browsing names like or Littlebigmoney really gives an idea of what a "Midas " could be for these kids.  I am a 100% positive they need a little  push towards their dreams but the leap of faith has to be done by themselves. So they are the ones who will have to submit their projects, start campaigns and who knows, experience a  huge "lucky strike"... If they dare to read and learn about crowd funding...