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Three films

During 2013 I started to hang out with a bunch of lovely people who are initially the gang of friends of a good friend of mine. She got married like a year ago now and the stuff for her wedding was all DIY. During  quite a few months all her crowd  gathered in my living room to make table decorations, the bridesmaids’ fascinators, her wedding bouquet, etc. Apart from her wedding we had picnics, afternoon tea parties, dinner parties, outings, etc.That is how they’ve become more than just acquaintances. They all love films and most of the times they end up talking about their favorite characters, their favorite whatever from films they love. I got very curious about the topic and listened but sometimes I didn’t get their point because I haven’t seen most of the films they mentioned. It’s important to highlight here, I have issues with screens: I hardly ever watch TV, I don’t go to the cinema, I never rent films or watch them at home or pay Netflix. Perhaps I’m missing a purpose for watching them or I have never bothered to watch something good enough to sit for some hours without doing anything else but watching.

So, just for the fun of learning something new, I asked each one of them to make a list of three films for me. I tried to watch the three movies during a month like in a special season. After watching each movie I tried to jot down whatever comes to my mind as a way of automatic writing. Then, I gathered the rough notes from the three movies to write a monthly entry in my blog. Watching  would not be just watching but an excuse for writing...but 2014 passed by and I just watched the 3 films by Hayao Miyazaki... and I did write an entry in my blog, that you can read here, but ... I didn´t get hooked by these kind of movies... so I dropped.

Now, it's January 2015 again and here I am again flirting with these movies to see if I get hooked by any of them:

  • Rashomon, el bosque ensangrentado (1950) by Akira Kurosawa
  • La guerra de las galaxias(1977) by George Lucas
  • Computer Chess (2013) by Andrew Bujalski

  • L.A. Confidential (1997) by Curtis Hanson
  • "The Man Who Would Be King" (1975) by John Huston
  • "Some Like It Hot" (1959) by Billy Wilder

  • Faces (1968) by John Cassavettes
  • The night of the living dead (1968) by George Romero

  • "Stranger Than Paradise" (1984) by Jim Jarmusch

  • 500 days of summer
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Habana Blues

  • Poetry (2010) by Lee Chang Dong
  • La grande bellezza (2013) by Paolo Sorrentino
  • Dolls (2002) by Takeshi Kitano

  • American Beauty (1999) by Sam Mendes
  • El diario de Bridget Jones (2001) By Sharon Maguire
  • Flashdance (1983) by Adrian Lyne

  • Fearless (1993) by Peter Weir
  • Heaven (2002) by Tom Tykwer
  • Persécution (2009) by Patrice Chéreau

  • The age of inocence (1993) by Martin Scorsese
  • Atonement (2007) by Joe Wright
  • A serious man (2009) by Cohen Brothers

  • Let the right one in (2008) by Tomas Alfredson
  • In the mood for love (2000) by Kar Wai Wong
  • Blade Runner (1982) by Ridley Scott

  • Manhattan (1979) by Woody Allen
  • Blue velvet (1986) by David Lynch
  • Tideland (2005) by Terry Gilliam

  • Alien (1979) by Ridley Scott
  • Hunger (2008) by Steve Mcqueen
  • Colmillo (2009) by Giorgios Lanthimos

  • Waltz With Bashir (2008) by  Ari Folman and Justin Edgar
  • To Rome with Love (2012) or Midnight in Paris (2011) by Woody Allen
  • Argo (2012) by Ben Affleck

  • 500 Days of summer (2009) by Marc Webb
  • Little Miss sunshine (2006) by Jonathan DaytonValerie Faris
  • Habana Blues (2005) by Benito Zambrano

  • Inside Job (2010) by Charles Ferguson
  • Summer Wars (2009) by Mamoru Osoda
  • The city of lost children (1995) by Marc Caro & Jean Pierre Jeunet

  • Melancholia (2011) by Lars Von Trier
  • The Congress (2013) by Ari Folman
  • The Tree of life (2011) by Terrence Malick

  • Kiki la hechicera (1989) by Hayao Miyazaki
  • EL viaje de Chihiro (2001) by Hayao Miyazaki
  • Mi vecino Totoro. (1988) by Hayao Miyazaki

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    1. 1. 500 Days of summer 2. Little Miss sunshine 3. Habana Blues. Good Luck with your task!

      1. Hi! Thank you very much for your suggestions! I´ll ad them up to my list!
        Happy new year!


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