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Medellin, Antioquia

October 14th, 2011

Yesterday evening I went to bed really early. I was completely knackered. So, I woke up early this morning, did my TEFL homework and arranged private lessons to survive this coming month in the internet cafe at the hostel. Feeling kind of weirdo for working at such early bird hours, I headed to the city center. At Poblado metro station, I tasted a very weird fruit: a mix of guava berry and pear. Tasty but still felt my stomach rumbling. So I checked the map and remembered I had been advised to visit Santa Helena bakery. It's a very traditional place in Medellin where baked goods are extremely nice. After asking for directions and having my coffee, I decided to take a walking tour in the area and ended up in Parque de la Luz. It was sunny and hot. There were performers, jugglers and skateboarders playing their tricks. I stared at them from the top of EPM library and their outfits made me think they make a good shot for a website like the Sartorialist or something. A pic. The maximum answer I could get from them was no if I dared to asked them. And that was not enough excuse to stay up there just looking. 

Off I went to take my Sartorialist-ish photo. I approached them slowly like a meerkat, I'm exaggerating here, and asked right away if I could take a pic. Sure! they replied. I was thrilled! They reminded me of a similar picture I took in Sao Paulo, Brasil to a complete family of skateboarders. What I like the most about taking pictures of strangers is their attittude. That is why I love the Sartorialist. I still get surprised by the amount of information a photograph can capture. I wish I had these Sartorialist-ish shots everytime I travel or go out of my place. In Bogota it is not easy to get people to pose. It's a cold and hostile city where people just don't trust or flow with strangers, I guess. But I have never dared to ask anyone to pose in the street for me. Probably, it's just a prejudice of mine and there's only one way to crack that down :)



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