Thursday, 26 July 2012

DailyBookPicProject. Day 25: Book Bag


These book bags got to my hands because of different reasons and each one has a little story.
The first one says Isle of Skye. I bought it there while waiting in the gas station for the bus to be fixed. It had broken down and we had been an hour waiting to go to Portree. I got so bored, I got off  the bus and wandered around and found a lovely gift shop. So, I bought the bag!

The second one is a great print that uses the names of all supermarkets in England. 
It's beautifully designed, I couldn't stop picking it up in an event where you could swap some objects for others.
I swaped a second hand book about fashion,or something like that, for this lovely red printed book bag.
The third one was a gift from a  friend of mine who stayed in Groningen, Germany for a couple of years as a volunteer. At the time he was a very dear friend of mine, so I treasured the bag.
Now, it's just part of my collection.
The next bag, which I still use, was bought in Austria in a gift shop on the road to Vienna.
The next one was a gift from the language school where I studied Portuguese in Brazil.
I had a great time there learning and traveling. the bag was also the bag to take to the beach: very big and comfy. Nice memories.
And finally the jute bag was bought in Beeston Castle near Chester England.
Went there with my Capoeira friends and had a fab time! Awesome memories.

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