Saturday, 14 July 2012

Daily Book Pic Project. Day 13: Library Cards

By keeping these library cards, I also keep memories from each place I've visited and lasted for a while/
The first card on top is from one of the most beautiful libraries I've ever seen in Liverpool, England.
Many memories come to my mind: all the music I got to know there, all the illustrators I discoverered in the great section for children and all the hours spent there reading and reading in a cozy place in winter.
The one beneath is from the Bootle Library. Bootle. I never could pronounce it properly to cab drivers. That was a very nice neighborhood where I lived for a couple of years and where I could see the daily life of Scousers and, in this library, I got to know local travel books, participated in contests and drawing sessions, borrowed CDs. Nice memories
The one from the British Council in Bogota reminds me of all the afternoons I spent there writing down classroom activities and dreaming of going to England. There I had access to many many audiobooks, films, fast Internet (around 2002 I had no Internet at home and the one at uni was quite crappy).
I spent many many hours there too.
And last but not least, the card from BibloRED in Bogota. I hardly ever use it, except for going there to work in a nice environment like Virgilio Barco Library in my neighborhood now. Not so many hours there but enough to keep it handy when I ever visit it.

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