Monday, 5 March 2012

ALICE IN WONDERLAND Playlist and launched a contest which consisted of selecting a book and finding 6 matching songs. They should work as a kind of soundtrack. I found this contest very amusing and I did ignoring the fact I couldn't participate because I wasn't a US citizen :( My selected book is Alice in Wonderland. I will describe how the playlist matches the feelings I get from the book when I read it. It's well- known that a lot of movies have been made about Alice and the Rabbit, the Queen and the Cheshire cat is almost an icon but here I have tried to make my personal soundtrack for this amazing book. 1. Summertime by Nina Simone The very first image I get from this book is a sleepy afternoon in which nothing happens. The image of Alice getting bored in the middle of the heat reminds me of my own childhood holidays at my grandmother's farm. Not much to do, no TV, no music, just the trees, the kitchen, the hens, dogs, and the boredom of these things for a town girl. Then, I selected an instrumental version of the song Summertime by Nina Simone. The song is slow enough to feel the quietness of a hot summer afternoon and long enough to feel the bass at the end of the song when Alice falls down the hole to Wonderland. 2. Breath by Telepopmusik Still falling down the whole, trying to find the right key and shrinking and growing once and again are experiences that ALice took not very serieously. Se was just playing with the sensations and her own words. If I had been ALice, I would have freaked out. In that very moment I would have told me "just Breathe!" that is why I selected this cute song: it reminds me of my own advice and still, it has a mellow sound that reminds me of how calm and smooth Alicia faced these new experiences. 3. All That we Perceive by Thievery Corporation To my mind, the conversation of the Cheshire Cat and Alice is one of the most outstanding of this book because of the topic: madness. When the Cheshire cat accepted how "mad" he was and tried to explain to Alice how mad she was too, it reminded me of my own discourse to convince myself of the reasons why I do things and the way I do them. All that we perceive is also a nice tune to frame what ALice perceived from the cat: his claws,his teeth but above all, his words. 4. Elephant Gun by Beirut After the conversation with the Cheshire cat, Alice ends up in a mad tea-party. The festive vintage rythm of this song really makes me think of Alice trying to have some tea, arguing with the Hatter, the March Hare and the Dormouse. 5. Seven Nation Army (Instrumental) by The White Stripes This complete chapter shows a still festive and full of rigourousness ceremony: the procession of soldiers, the king and queen of hearts and the never-ending discussion about who should be beheaded really made me think of drums sounds like in a military parade. 6. I don't know what I can save you from by Kings of Convenience I selected this song for the complete chapter IX The mock turtle's story. The sound of the guitars and the lyrics really made me think of how helpless ALice must have felt listening to the turtle's story which seemed to never start or finish.