Sunday, 29 August 2010

Dover-Calais 23 December 2007 18:34

My trip had just started and I was so excited I had my camera in my hands -programmed in automatic, of course, ready for the perfect shot. Because of the thick fog I couldn't even see the trace of the ferry on the water...If there’s nothing to see outside, look inside, I said to myself trying to keep up the excitement despite the cold and darkness of the scenery. I was getting quite bored trying to look through the window, so I looked around and found it: if there’s nothing to see outside, look I took my camera and surfed the scene. There was this guy reading in front of a window containing that boring sea and automatically, I remembered this article about photography which said one should ask the subject to be photographed. Though he looked entertained with the reading, I dared to ask if he minded taking him a picture. He said he wouldn't, so off I went and took several shots. I didn't like any of them but he did. He grinned and asked
-Where are you going?
-I'm going round Europe during the next 10 days
-By train?
-Nope. By bus.
He told me he was German and I got glad about it because of the nice memories I have about Germany.
Although I find the German language quite intelligible, I had listened a thousand stories about the country, the cities, the people. That is why I felt confident asking. The stranger was from the South of Germany by the end of the Rhine river.
He looked like taken out of an 80s movie of Nordic sailors: white to the bone, blue eyed, earring and red moustache. After laughing at my face about the number of days I was going to be locked up in a coach around Europe, he recommended some places I definitely couldn't recognize. The picture showed the head of a man sitting by the window with his feet on its frame. While reading, he ate an apple in the same way any Nordic sailor from an 80s movie would have.

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