Sunday, 29 August 2010

" Charles Bukowsky: Locked in the arms of a Crazy life" by howard Sounes.1998

Just loved this biography because of the accuracy and the direct style of the story. It shows Bukowsky as a real man: his love life, his boozer lifestyle, his non-stoppable writing, his humour. Bukowski must have been one of those men you could hate and love at the same time... an annoying man but so clever when writing...I first got to know bukowski in my "Espanol funcional 1" lesson on my first semester at University. This drunk professor smoked in class and drank cheap wine with students. He tried to "baptized" students in terms of literature by reading Bukowski and Julio Cortazar. He also pretended to be like Bukowski. I guess he just left me the habit of drinking and discussing about literature. Now I prefer not to drink and read more :) If I think about it twice, it's around 10 years since I ever heard about Bukowski. After ten years I get to understand that people like him is better to read them rather than being friends or love them. This book also reminded me of this classmate who is the kind of guy I would definitely continue reading every single line he writes but would not be one of his mates. He used to drink as much as Bukowski did and adopted the typical lifestyle of a drunk poet. But this one writes short stories as far as I know. I hope he doesn't give up writing because he is pretty good at it. As you can see, I loved this biography because it reminds me of those days when I was so desperate to know it all with this wrong feeling of having missed it all when growing up in Garagoa, Colombia (my hometown). And learning so much about this writer, once idealized by a drunk professor, is very rewarding and enlightening: it's like turning on a candle where there were shadows before.

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